About FortuneClub

Fortune club inception came about as a necessity for a genuine platform to pool funds amongst the traders. The company has been in existence since 2014 where it started as an exchange for Bitcoin and Altcoin trades. Throughout the years, the team has grown and fletched out to several departments. We have an affiliate company in the cryptocurrency mining field and this has provided the best environment for continuous trading. F-club might be the beginning of a new chapter of your life. Be Bold, Take a step and be part of us today.


Why choose Us

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Start your journey to financial freedom with the high returns and quick bonuses offered by the club.



Unlike other platforms, we boast of consistency in the cryptocurrency trading field by ensuring swift communication and quick PAY-OUTS to our members throughout. Try us today!


World Coverage

One of the major reason for the rapid –growth and adoption of bitcoin today is its decentralized nature of operation. This favors its adoptability since there is no Geo-restriction in using the cryptocurrencies in general. Due to this, the club is global and this enhances diverse thinking and broad interaction among members

what you can do ?

Buy/Sell Bitcoin

Bitcoins can be bought and sold locally using LocalBitcoins, on Bitcoin brokerages / exchanges, using two-way Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTM’s) or you can pay for a good or service with them. Bitcoins can be sold to just about anyone as long as they have a Bitcoin address, and can be sold for any fiat currency in the world or traded for a physical good. Feel free to check out our recommended list of exchanges and brokerage services to sell your bitcoins online. Among the platforms include, localbitcoins, paxful and coinbase.

earn passive income

Besides the guaranteed direct income earned weekly, fortune club also offers the unique opportunity of earning passive income injected as bonuses and commissions from the club’s referral program. A well-built network generates a constant stream of income and earnings. Take advantage of this Unique opportunity to kick off your journey to financial freedom.

Build your Network/Reputation

Over the years, fortune club’s unique feature of Rank Rewards program has proven to be very effective in Team Building and motivation amongst the club members. Fortune club introduced this unique feature in 2019 where we adopted the idea of network marketing concept as an incentive to increase earnings for members with low investment package plans.


Join the Experts and start your journey to financial freedom now!


our expert team

Efficiency and productivity of the program is greatly determined by each individual’s effort. A strong team directly translates to progress. Fortune club was founded by a team of unique and skilled members united by a common goal attributing to its huge success over the years.

Michael Waskom
Rohan Whittick
Risk Management
Thomas Hedley